Smart Meter Move by İSKİ


İSKİ adopts the technology with remote reading and monitoring. With the application that starts in pilot areas, metering data will be accessed via wireless communication as of June.

Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration (İSKİ), which puts smart meters on the agenda in order to overcome the problems in physical meter reading, will start to access metering data through wireless communication as of June. Provided that the pilot study which will start with more than 3,600 meters in Esenler and Beykoz districts is successful, smart metering will be implemented across Istanbul. Thanks to the system, as well as meter reading, turning meters on and off can be done remotely. In this way, institutional costs will be reduced.


General Director of İSKİ stated that “As İSKİ, we keep pace with the technology and carry on our efforts to benefit from the effects of technology that make life easier. The smart metering is one of them. We are planning to switch over to 20,000 smart meters in 2022. We conduct studies at determined locations throughout Istanbul in order to ensure the integration with developing communication technologies and smart meter projects. As a result of the testing, we carry out the necessary feasibility studies, choose the communication technology suitable for the location of the meter, and integrate the meter into our own system.


General Director of İSKİ gave information on the advantages of using smart meters and said, “With the smart meter project, we will be able to perform remote readings, eliminating manual readings that we carry out by going to the subscriber's residence every month. Furthermore, we will be able to perform operations such as remote disconnect. In addition, we will be able to provide instant information about water consumption ​​to Istanbulites. All the while, we will save time and cost to a large extent. We are currently in the testing phase. If it is efficient, we aim to implement it throughout Istanbul.”.