More than 1 Billion Cubic Meters of Drinking Water Supplied to Istanbul in 2021


İSKİ provided 1 billion 74 million cubic meters of drinking water to Istanbul in 2021.

İSKİ continued to provide uninterruptedly safe drinking water to the city in 2021. The total amount of water supplied to the city in 2021 was 1 billion 74 million m3 and the daily average was 2 million 950 thousand m3.


The amount of water supplied to the city on 6 August broke a record with 3 million 484 thousand 386 m3 due to coronavirus pandemic and extreme air temperature that affected the whole world.

On January 13 of the same year, water consumption was at the lowest level with 2 million 615 thousand 530 m3.

In 2021, 67% of the water provided to Istanbul residents was consumed on the European Side and 33 percent on the Anatolian Side.