The winners were announced in “Sustainable Business Awards”, organized by Sustainability Academy consisting of 14 main categories. ISKI was awarded because of its “Domestic Technology Office Project” in the category of “Cooperation” in Sustainable Business Awards organized so as to set an example for business world by awarding successful sustainable business models of the year.

The award ceremony organized at the Quasar Fairmont Hotel was attended by Fatih Turan, ISKI General Director, Selami Taşer and Metin Akbaş, deputy general directors, and Ekrem Yıldırım, corporate development branch director. Fatih Turan making a short speech after the award ceremony thanked to the participants and said: “we give the essential support to the domestic and national production movement mentioned in the 2023 vision of our country and we give priority to the activities of the producers in accordance with Mevlüt Uysal’s orders, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. We prefer domestic products in the areas of operation we perform such as potable water, wastewater and stream reclamation in accordance with the directives from Mevlüt Uysal. Our goal is to increase the use of national and domestic products up to 100% in the long run.

77 Organizations, administrations and firms had competed in the final round in 14 main categories of “Sustainable Business Awards”; Carbon and Energy Production, Waste Management, Water Management, Sustainability Report, Social Impact, Diversity and Inclusion, Cooperation, Sustainability Communication, Supply Chain Management, Women's Empowerment, Employee Engagement, Social Initiative of the Year, and Startup.

ISKI Domestic Technology Office

ISKI, taking great care to ensure that the products, goods and services that are procured for the administration are domestic and national, founded Domestic Technology Office on 6th March 2017. ISKI aims to increase the domestic procurement rate of goods and services which are used inside the administration – that are imported at that moment, to strengthen communication between domestic institutions, organizations and firms as well as to develop the cooperation potential with Domestic Technology Office. In parallel, its objective is to keep the country's capital in the country, to increase employment and to contribute to the development of our national technology capabilities.

As a result of the introduction of ISKI Domestic Technology Office;

  • Domestic material and equipment utilization rates in ISKI increased approximately to 65% in potable water treatment plants and to 35% in waste water treatment plants. Works are in progress to increase these figures much more.
  • Domestic blowers were installed in Paşaköy and Ataköy Advanced Biological Wastewater Treatment Plants.
  • Procurement of 40 thousand domestic diffusers was made in Ataköy Advanced Biological Wastewater Treatment Plant.
  • A TBM machine with domestication rate of 97 % was used in Zeytinburnu's first potable water tunnel construction.
  • Domestically produced membranes were commissioned in Ağva Biological Waste Water Treatment Plant.
  • İSKİ vehicle fleet was renewed with domestic and national vehicles. Within the
  • In this context, 27 construction equipment and vehicles were purchased in total; the number includes 17 construction equipment and forklift completely made in Turkey.
  • In 2017, ISKI bought about ₺1.03 billion worth of goods and services. About 75% of purchases are domestic…
  • Baltalimanı, Yenikapı, Tuzla Treatment Plants which are under construction, focused on domestic products.
  • In the Melen 3rd Stage Works, domestic materials were used instead of imported materials such as Frequency Converter, and Ozone Generator.
  • The works continue to product a domestic toxicity device for detection of toxicity threats, a device for detection of losses/leaks by satellites and sensors developed by using new software and technologies, and a domestic unit to minimize water losses due to evaporation.