İSKİ Protects Historical Water Structures in Istanbul


In 2021, İSKİ continued restoration practices in historical fountains and aqueducts in Istanbul.

İSKİ continued its works in 2021 to keep historical structures alive and to carry these structures to future generations. İSKİ carried out the restoration works of historical aqueducts and fountains, and ensured the flow of drinking water from our historical fountains, which had not run for a long time.


İSKİ continues the restoration works on the Eğrikemer, Kovukkemer and Bozdoğan Aqueducts located on the Kırkçeşme Waterway, which are among the important works of Sinan the Architect.

Restoration works continue on 3rd Ahmet Fountain in Üsküdar District, Patriarchate Fountain and Sineperver Valide Sultan Fountain. The restoration of Hatice Sultan Fountain was completed and opened for use of Istanbulites.

Again in 2021, İSKİ allowed water to flow from the 26 historical fountains, 17 on the European side and 9 on the Asian side.

İSKİ will continue its investments on historical water structures in 2022. Preparations for the restoration of Sultan Mahmud II Weir are ongoing.