IFAT Eurosia Environmental Technologies Fair has started. ISKI also takes part in the fair lasting three days.

In this year, participants from 82 different countries joined the fair held for the third time in Istanbul Expo Center. 217 different companies from Russia, Kazakhstan, Maldives and Tunisia take part in the fair. To the fair held at Istanbul Expo Center between 28-30 March 2019, Sadullah Dukaru, Minister of Environment and Physical Space Planning of Macedonia; Fatmir Matoshi, Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning of Croatia; Friedo Sielemann, Head of Department of Economy and Trade-Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany; Fatih Turan, General Director of ISKI and other senior officers in ISKI.

After the opening ceremony of the fair, ISKI General Manager Fatih Turan made a speech at the panel and said that 3 million m² water is consumed daily in Istanbul and emphasized that much more wastewater is treated. He said; “more than 99 % of wastewater in Istanbul treated by using different technologies, primarily advanced biological process. If it was not treated, 550 metric ton wastewater would go to the sea. Our primary goal is to discharge wastewater without harming environment… secondly, one of the challenging issue for us is sludge from treated wastes. Recently we have started to produce biogas from the sludge.”

In the second part of the panel, Fatih Turan added; at the past, a lot of people, even scientist, considered that the Golden Horn cannot be saved or cleaned. But at the moment, there is no bad odor smelled in the Golden Horn and its surroundings. Even fishing is possible. 30 species of fish lives in the Golden Horn now. We have provided water circulation through our project “Water of Life from Bosphorus to Golden Horn.” Consequently, we have turned the Golden Horn into a center of attraction. We see that, according our investigations throughout Istanbul, sea water quality has increased to the maximum level. We analyze samples taken from 25 exact points every day. The coasts of Istanbul have swimming quality.”

After the panel, at the environmental technologies fair, ISKI special season was performed. During the session, where Metin Akbaş, deputy general director in ISKI, was the chairman of the session; Uğur Örün, manager of European side 2 wastewater treatment branch directorate; Emel Çebi Torpil, manager of sewer projects branch directorate; Nadir Mazlum, manager of Beşiktaş Office; and Veysel Dağlar, manager of smart grids branch directorate, were session speakers. The speakers talked about the subjects that; Uğur Örün, “Biologic and Advanced Biologic Wastewater Treatment Plants and Their Operations;” Emel Çebi Torpil, “Stream Reclamation, Stream Cleaning, and especially Growing Importance of Stream Reclamation with Landscape,” Nadir Mazlum, “Trenchless Technology Activities;” Veysel Dağlar, “Digital Transformation and ISKI 4.0 Project.”

The fair is open for visitors up to 30th March 2019.