Easy Access to İSKİ e-Branch via “İstanbul Senin” App


İSKİ's e-Branch, where online subscription services are provided, is now accessible via “İstanbul Senin” app developed Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM).

İstanbul Senin, IMM's smart city app that gathers many services under one roof, now can be used for İSKİ e-Branch login. With the “İstanbul Senin” app, it is simple to log in to İSKİ's e-Branch, where several subscription procedures including subscription cancellation, discounted subscription transactions and invoice objections. The subscribers can quickly complete their procedures without visiting to the branch office. E-Branch may be accessed via https://esube.iski.gov.tr/.

The "İstanbul Senin" app, on the other hand, provides access to İSKİ’s data like as dam occupancy rates and contact information. Furthermore, the app may be used to perform transactions for bill payment, malfunction notice and disability discount submission.