Click here for social experiment for World Water Day

Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration (ISKI) emphasized once again the importance of water as a source of life through a series of events that draw attention to the conservation of water resources on World Water Day 22 March.

22 March of each year was declared “World Day for Water” by the United Nations General Assembly in 1993. The day was celebrated with various events in Istanbul as in many cities around the world. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and İSKİ organized a series of awareness events on different points of the city relating to the meaning and importance of the day. While a social experiments about water wastage were carried out at Levent Metro Station, stands were set up in metro, metrobus and shopping centers and citizens were informed. In addition, İSKİ held a panel attended by universities, a theater show for children and conference activities.

On World Water Day, the importance of water, the source of life, was revealed once again with the activities that receive attention to the protection of water resources. Activities carried out by İSKİ, aiming to raise generations who has the awareness of the necessity to be conscious, sensitive and rational about the use of water resources that have vital importance for the preservation of life and natural balance, and to gather people around the love of water.

Social Experiment in Metro Station

A social experiment in Levent Metro Station was performed by ISKI so as to “generate water consciousness and encourage saving.” It was observed that passengers might (or might not) intervene the faucet wasting water on a replica of street fountain. A video showing the experiment was published in stations of metro, metrobus and tram lines and on social media.

Furthermore, stands were set up in shopping malls, metro stations and ISKI Branches and consciousness-raising activities were done. A survey was conducted and gifts were presented to participant citizens.

ISKI Employees Organized a Choreography

ISKI Employees created an ISKI logo after conducting an environmental cleanup in Terkos Dam water basin area. A short video of the event shoot by drones was published and the public attention was received to the importance of clean water basins.

Panels and Conferences

Panels and conferences on World Water Day were also conducted. A panel on “Right to Healthy Water in the Context of Basic Human Rights” was conducted in ISKI General Directorate with the participations from International University of Sarajevo, Human Rights and Equality Institution of Turkey, Yıldız Technical University, Istanbul Şehir University, General Directorate of Water Management, and Yalova University.

ISKI prepared programs on water also for children.  Theater of “Droplet at Schools” was played for children at Aşık Veysel Elementary School, and for everyone at Kağıthane Culture Center, so as to entertain and teach “Conscious Water Consumption.”

Moreover, awareness training on water wastage was performed by ISKI trainers in IBB Adem Baştürk Cultur Center with the participation of IBB Child Council.


İSKİ will also attract attentions with blue lighting on important points of the city on the World Water Day 22 March. The colored illumination over 15 July Martyrs Bridge, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge and Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge will kept in blue light during the night. Simultaneously, the Galata Tower and the Beyazıt Fire Tower, decorated with color and light shows on important days and weeks, will also be illuminated in blue.