1 Billion TL on Drinking Water Investments by İSKİ in 2021


İSKİ continued its drinking water investments in 2021 and spent 1 billion 50 million Turkish Liras on investments.

Providing uninterruptedly safe drinking water to Istanbul with its 23 thousand km of drinking water line and 22 drinking water treatment plants, İSKİ continued its drinking water investments in 2021.

Completing the constructions of 85 km of drinking water network, 53 km of transmission line, 4 drinking water tanks and 3.8 km of tunnels in the past year, İSKİ included the Ömerli Emirli 2nd Stage and Gümüşyaka Conmodular Drinking Water Treatment Plants into the water system and took them into service for residents of Istanbul. İSKİ made significant progress in the constructions of the Terkos, Taşoluk and Şile drinking water treatment plants.

The total cost of the works done reached approximately 1 billion 50 million TL.

İSKİ's drinking water investments will continue in 2022 without slowing down.