1.5 Billion TL on Wastewater Investments by İSKİ in 2021


İSKİ continued its wastewater investments in 2021 and spent 1 billion 560 million Turkish Liras on investments.

Serving Istanbul with a wastewater line of 18 thousand km and 90 wastewater treatment plants, İSKİ continued its wastewater investments in 2021.

The cost of the works done has reached approximately 1 billion 560 million TL for the purposes such as responding to the recent needs of Istanbul, protecting the Sea of ​​Marmara from the threat of wastewater, providing a healthier environment for Istanbul residents by treating the wastewater coming from city with the latest technology, rehabilitating the streams at risk of flooding.

In 2021, while the constructions of the 3rd Stage of Baltalimanı Biological Wastewater Treatment Plant and Tuzla Advanced Biological Wastewater Treatment Plant continues, 3 package treatment plant were put into operation. The capacity of a wastewater treatment plant was also increased. In addition, approximately 4.5 km wastewater tunnel, 145 km wastewater line, 32 km wastewater collector sewer, 596 m storm water tunnel and 29 km storm water line were built.

Continuing the stream rehabilitation, İSKİ carried out 10 km improvement in 37 streams in total.