1.5 Billion Cubic Meters of Wastewater Treated in 2021


İSKİ treated approximately 1.5 billion cubic meters of wastewater in 2021, thus preventing the release of 550 thousand tons of sludge into our seas.

Serving Istanbul with 90 wastewater treatment plants with a total capacity of nearly 6 million m3, İSKİ treated an average of 4 million 100 thousand cubic meters of wastewater per day in 2021.

With an annual wastewater treatment amount of approximately 1.5 billion m3, 550 thousand m3 of sludge was prevented from being released into our seas.

On the other hand, recycling water was obtained from treated wastewater. More than 31 million m3 of wastewater was treated by İSKİ and then used in industry.