Scada Technology

İSKİ has modernized the SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system used for potable water distribution with the latest SCADA system that provides most rapid addressing to the demands of an increasing population. This new system provides secure and high performance, and is controlled via satellite covering a vast area independent of land lines. Through satellite communication, Water Distribution System of an area with different terrain conditions and vast space between Istrancalar and Melen can be easily controlled via data flow that is updated instantly.

Thanks to this modern system, the water increase level in dams during/after rainfall can be swiftly measured, and water loss is prevented as foreseeing and addressing to probable breakdowns is possible. Thanks to the SCADA system it is easier to detect the difference between water supplied and water billed as well as the identification of illegal water use.

SCADA system enables monitoring the data on water level, pressure, flow, meteorology, water quality, etc. in dams, main transmission lines, pumping stations and water storage tanks at the SCADA center in Kağıthane headquarters. Furthermore the cameras at the stations provide instant monitoring while the system also enables easy access to data and addressing in cases of disasters.