İSKABİS Technology

İSKABİS, that stands for İSKİ Infrastructure Data System, is a GIS project that is designed to function for thematic map generation, modeling, scenario management and GIS analyses of every type targeting faster data processing within networks. In other words, İSKABİS is a geographical information system application that enables various network analysis and modeling works where potable water, wastewater and storm water infrastructure and superstructure plants of İstanbul can be spatially examined.

All these studies have enabled
- spatial inquiries (data acquisition from maps – reaching to maps from verbal statements),   
- Network, topology and statistical analyses,
- Modeling and scenario management / generation, 
- Thematic (visual) map generation, 
- a functional system that enables use of Internet/Intranet tools.

İSKABİS project is pursued on 5 main areas: 
1-Potable water supply and distribution system, 
2-Wastewater-Stormwater network, collectors and disposal system,
3-All İSKİ Superstructure Plants, 
4-Potable Water Basins Control, 
5-Integration of Urban Data System with Disaster Management Data System (EMIS) and Management Information System (MIS).