WATERIST - İstanbul Water Congress and Fair held by İSKİ on 11th - 13th October 2018, has been successfully completed with the intense participation and interest. Although it was the first time, we are proud to say that the participation in the Congress and Fair was recorded as 8543 visitors. More than 500 visitors from 45 different cities, 250 foreign representatives and visitors from 24 countries, 214 academicians, 60 journalists and 136 officials participated in the Congress. The fair organized in an indoor area of 3700 m², hosted 61 firms and more than 380 company representatives from more than 10 sectors in contact with water. According to the feedback received from both our stakeholders and foreign guests, the satisfaction with the organization is quite high.

At the Congress, water relating academic studies and the latest practices in the world was shared by 57 speakers in 18 sessions and the best practices of İSKİ were appreciated by the participants.

Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration (ISKI) is pleased to invite you to join and participate in the Program of the “2nd Istanbul Water Congress and Fair” to be held in Istanbul, Turkey, on 10th – 12th October 2019, at İstanbul Congress Centre.