07.12.2017 Under the agreement between ISKI and the Budapest Water Works, technical visit was organized by Budapest Water Works in Hungary.


The committee of 6 people representing ISKI went to Hungary for workshop.

The program started with presentations. First, a general presentation related to Waste Water Management was carried out by the Budapest Water Works. Following this presentation, the plant's operating engineer gave an overview of the challenges, advantages and disadvantages to be encountered in operating the anommox process in wastewater treatment plants.

ISKI's presentation was made by Orhan Baykan, head of the committee and Branch Director of Research and Development. In addition, Nigar Eyit anammox, who was also on the ISKI committee, made a presentation related to pilot scale work. Eyit presentation; bacterial enrichment trials and possible disruptions in the operation of the process.

After the mutual presentations, Szennyviztio Telep Wastewater Treatment Plant belonging to the Budapest Waterworks visited and exchanged information.