07.12.2017 A committee from Palestine mentioned that they would like to cope with their problems on treatment of wastewater thereby taking advantage of İSKİ.


General Director to İSKİ; Fatih Turan, Deputy General Directors to İSKİ; Selami Taşer and Metin Akbaş hosted a committee  consisted of 10  attendants from five different municipalities of Palestine.


The meeting was initiated by the presentation of Metin Akbaş, Deputy General Director to İSKİ. The attendants were informed about technical issues following to the presentation.


Muhammet Şeta; Head of the Committee underlined that the biggest problem of Palestine is wastewater treatment. Şeta stated that they would like to recycle wastewater and use it in the necessary fields and added that they  are expecting technical support of İSKİ regarding using recycled water for garden irrigation.


Fatih Turan; General Director to İSKİ made a commitment on supporting Palestine after listening to claims and needs of Municipal Authorities of Sister Country Palestine. Besides Turan mentioned that a technical committee will visit Palestine in the soonest time.