İSKİ Attanded IV International Water Congress


"IV International Water Congress: Water Management in Smart Cities" was held in FuarIzmir between 2-4 November. “Smart Management of City Water Infrastructure” was the main theme of the event organized by Water and Sewerage Administration of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality.

Many academicians from different countries of the world, ISKI managers, local managers, managers of water administrations, experts, representatives of non-governmental organizations and media members attended the congress.

At the 4th Izmir Water Congress, where international findings on intelligent management of urban water infrastructure, the results of current research are shared and 110 declarations are presented; Ramazan Oruç, who is Branch Director of Strategy Development in Research Development and Planning Department, presented "Risk Based Urban Water and Waste Water Management and İSKİ Institutional Risk Management Model" and Veysel DAĞLAR, who is Branch Director of Smart Networks in IT Department, presented " İSKİ Lost Loss Management System and Water Loss Reduction Pilot Work "in the name of ISKI.